Balance or Destruction


Ecosocial Merket Economy as the key to Global Sustainable Development

Language: English

Author: Franz Josef Rademacher

ISBN: 978-3200000797

Published: 2004

Pages: 327



Through the workings of an unchained globalised economy, humanity is in the process of massively depleting its social, cultural and ecological assets, of pillaging its resources without reservation. In this the wealthier North is acting to the great detriment of the South. The question of a worldwide balance in the material opportunities of human beings is crucially significant in the context of globalisation and in view of the goal of sustainable development. De facto, we are currently in a state of extreme global apartheid. Two billion people are forced to subsist on less than two US dollars per day, one billion of them on less than one dollar per day. This is an intolerable condition, absolutely incompatible with the maintenance of peace, and the greatest obstacle to sustainability.

There is no lack of ideas and suggestions for the realisation of a worldwide sustainable way. However, they are often contradictory, and global politics has so far shown little willingness or ability to implement them. Against this backround, this book offers an escellent orientation in this complicated and controversial subject. Besides an analysis of the difficult current situations in world politics, it presents a consistent concept for global sustainable development which can and should be an inspirationns for political action.

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