The Globalization Saga Storybook + CD

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Storybook & CD to the Musical by Franz Josef Radermacher

Language: German

Songs: English & German

Composition & Vocalarrangement Solvig Wehsener, Elfe-Music

Arrangement: Heike-Doreen Klein, Kai-Michael Rauch, Solvig Wehsener

Recording, Mix & Mastering: Kai-Michael Rauch, Musikproduktion Elixier



The Globalization Saga – Balance or Destruction CD

1. Overtüre

2. Shangri-La’s Lovesong

3. This World Is Just A Madhouse

4. Lovesong For Cibongile

5. Oh Mother Africa

6. My Black swan – You Came So Far

7. We Can Never Get Enough

8. Women Around The Earth – You Do It All

9. The Balanced Way Song

10. Humans See The Signs Of Hope (Introduction – The Wildest Demo In Town)

11. We Are The Worlds People (The Wildest Demo In Town)

12. Finally A New Beginning

13. You Can Believe

14. You Do It all (Radioedit)