Everything Would Be Alright 6 Copies


Language: English

Author: Felix Finkbeiner

ISBN: 978-3981184129

Pages: 48

Published: 2013




Already as a child Felix Finkbeiner spoke before the United Nations, shook Kofi Annan’s hand and still gives interviews worldwide today. He is now 21 years old. In 2007, at the age of nine, the doctoral student founded his own environmental organization “Plant-for-the-Planet”, which has since planted over 15 billion trees. Together with the children of this world, Felix is fighting for his great target: to plant 1,000 billion trees and counteract the climate crisis.

In his paper, Felix calls for the rapid implementation of the energy revolution and declares his fight to the lobbyists. He appeals to citizens not to let lobbyists talk their way through the energy revolution. The youth of the world looks at Germany: If the energy system transformation succeeds here, no state in the world can claim that it is a thing of impossibility. “The energy revolution will only work if everyone is determined to get down to it, and not if the burdens are unloaded on 99 percent of the population, while the one percent at the top tries to steal itself out of responsibility”, Felix said. “If the lobbyists again manage to undermine the declared desire of the majority of people, then things will look very gloomy for our future.” As a sign of hope, he calls on people to plant trees.

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