Tree by tree


„We can’t put our future in the hands of adults alone!“ – Felix Finkbeiner

Language: English

Author: Felix & Friends

Pages: 128



The children and youth of this world no longer want to wait for the adults to finally face the global challenges. Because they have a lot on their minds: They want to save their future – tree by tree.

“We have written this book for people like us. Because we have to pay for it if the adults don’t solve worldwide problems.

With this book we want to show you how great it is to get active. We tell you our story: why we act and what we can do to have a positive future. We want to show you how exciting it is to learn more about our world, the climate and all the connections – and how much fun it is to work together with children all over the world.

Of course we will also tell you how you can get active together with us. Because talking alone does not stop the melting of the glaciers: Stop talking. Start planting.”