A Planetary Contract


Global Marshall Plan for a Worldwide Eco-Social Market Economy

Language: English

Author: Franz Josef Rademacher

ISBN: 978-3980972307

Pages: 192



Rapid and unbalanced globalisation has led to growing social inequality and environmental degradation. The world is in a difficult situtation, and answers to these problems cannot merely be sought on a national level.

The Global Marshall Plan Initiative provides the solution long overdue. In an integrative approach, a broad and fast-growing network of stakeholders from politics, business and civil society pleads for a Global Marshall Plan / Planetary Contract – a program that combines global co-financing for development by richer countries with the adoption of certain environmental, social and cultural standards by countries in development.

Read this book and find out about the concept and strategy of such a Global Marshall Plan. Enrich the concept with your feedback. Join the Initiative and help to make this world a better place.

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